Lottie and Antonia’s Cultural & Creative adventures!

The Christie Hospital

Lottie and Antonia took a vacation to Manchester to have a range of Cultural & Creative experiences.

They visited Pat Mountford at The Christie Hospital, Europe’s largest cancer centre. Pat is the ‘Artist in Residence’ in the hospital and runs a painting class there for patients and carers.

We were very fortunate earlier this year as Pat gave up her time to visit Guernsey and train the community arts team. This was to help Antonia launch the first Oncology workshops at the PEH. Pat also brought over a selection of paintings created by service users of The Christie Hospital, and they are currently on display in the PEH in the main corridor. The range of work created in The Christie Hospital was a fantastic inspiration for Antonia and Lottie and their work in the PEH.

Antonia and Lottie got to meet some of the service users whose work is currently on display in Guernsey and talked to them about their process and their experience of attending the art class. We are very privileged that we have a close relationship with The Christie hospital, as we are learning lots through working with them, and they are also learning from us. The exchange of ideas and experience is invaluable and we are excited about future opportunities.

If you haven’t already, please go and visit the exhibition ‘Beyond the Big C’ which is in     the PEH, starting at the main corridor leading from the Porters Lodge.



Romeo & Juliet at the Victoria Baths

Lottie and Antonia also volunteered front of house on HOME’s promenade production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the unique setting of Victoria Baths.

You can find out more about the production here:





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