Introducing the Artist: Isaac Lythgoe

Isaac Lythgoe at Candie GardensFOYER GRAS is a show of four new paintings by Isaac Lythgoe produced specially for the Guernsey Arts Commission.

Lythgoe’s work explores the dissemination of images in contemporary culture. The paintings in this show convey a surface that is both seductive and fleeting; phosphorescent and reflective pigments shimmer in and out of sight. Surfaces resemble semi-precious stones or Sci-Fi backdrops, where the occasional hints of images float into focus.

The exhibition’s title sets a tone and offers us multiplicities; brand name, excess, language misuse, bad French, architectural space, dumb pun.. In the same way the paintings elude the satisfaction of easy definition, they remain rooted by a fanatical concern with surface, and with its production of sensory momentum.

The opening night of Foyer Gras is on Thursday 13th April 2014 at 5.30pm at the greenhouse in its new location at Candie Museum.

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