Introducing… Nicholas F. Romero

THIS Saturday is Urban Arts Day. You will be able to come and talk to some of Guernsey’s most talented urban artists, dancers and sports people and you will be able to help create some amazing artwork, show us your best dance moves or shoot some hoops!

As this is the count down week, we will be showing you some of the amazing talent. First up is Nicholas F. Romero…


Nicholas F. Romero

Born in the year 1982, in Miami, FL, Nicholas F. Romero (of Argentine descent) began expressing his talent through vandalism on the surrounding walls of his home. His aunt’s books also fell victim to his unrelenting pursuit to illustrate his thoughts; he was just 2 years old. From there on he began expanding his talents in school starting with Art Club in the second grade, R.R. Moton Magnet School for the Arts in 6th grade, Southwood Middle School for the Arts (7th – 9th), and finally graduating out of Design & Architecture Senior High.


 After high school he decided to try an alternative to College and study the hazardous roads of life instead. Along the way he stumbled upon several different experiences where he was able to tune his talent. He started with working as a graphic designer at Hybrid Impressions in Miami, then a move to Los Angeles where he worked as a face painter and caricature artist in Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA. While seeking out a quote for his first professional tattoo he was offered a tattoo apprenticeship at Kaydens Creations in Hollywood CA.

 Three years after a back-and-forth relationship with Los Angeles, Nicholas decided to go back home in Miami where his creative endeavor continued to expand through painting in various art shows, exhibiting in galleries, and co-managing art gallery Alternate Art Space in Coconut Grove. All the meanwhile he continued his tattoo apprenticeship at Chico’s Marked 4 Life, eventually graduating and earning the title of Tattoo Artist.
Currently Nicholas (aka Nico aka NFRomero) is living in The Bailiwick of Guernsey working full time as a Tattoo Artist at White Inc.Tattoo Studio and part time as a Freelance Artist.


Urban Art Day is THIS Saturday, 11am-4pm, Market Square outside HMV. The event is FREE, you can come down and help Nicholas create an amazing painting.

For more info contact us on [email protected]

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