Introducing… Hugh Rose

Introducing… Hugh Rose

Growing up on a small island has a powerful effect on your psychology, affecting the mind in subtle ways that often only become clear when you try to leave. The granite bedrock of Guernsey is powerfully magnetic, its field seemingly able to influence the mind as finely as the needle of a compass. Living in this small and isolated environment, I have become well accustomed with the idea that a whole universe can fit inside the smallest of spaces.


Before studying Art full time, I developed a healthy interest in comics and graffiti, and it was through my enjoyment of drawing and of artists like Herge, Masamune Shirow, Carlos Ezquerra, Kevin O’Neill, Stephen Powers, Barry McGee and Phil Frost that I started along my path as an artist. Being formally educated in Art introduced me to the wider art world, and I was inspired greatly by artists like Tom Friedman, Joseph Beuys, Bruce Nauman and Keith Tyson; artists who developed rich and unique cosmologies in their artistic work.

Gold Astronaut 1

After studying sculpture at the London University of the Arts, and producing a dissertation entitled ‘Cartooning in Sculpture’, my practice has led me down some fascinating avenues, eventually coming full circle to making toys. Existing in a fascinating interstice between product design and sculpture, pop art and illustration, and enveloped by the cosmos of childhood, this medium has dominated my creative output for the last 5 years, and its peculiar mechanisms have found their way into every aspect of my artistic practice. At this point in my career, I see my work as a world that is constantly being built and rebuilt, and a place where I can revisit the simple pleasures of childhood.


THIS Saturday is Urban Arts Day. You will be able to come and talk to Hugh Rose and some of Guernsey’s most talented urban artists, dancers and sports people and you will be able to help create some amazing artwork, show us your best dance moves or shoot some hoops! This event is FREE, at Market Terrace outside HMV) 11am-4pm, see you there!

For any more information email [email protected]

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