Introducing… Dave Hyett

Introducing… Dave Hyett

I started my career in performing in 1986 (ouch). 28 years in Breakdancing or shall I say BBoying. I also started a very successful martial art journey too. I started both these cultures for the reason of I was very shy and was bullied at school and needed something to focus on. I trained hard to get the best out of myself and found that I escaped all negative thoughts.

paul mason barney pic  the get down

In the 80’s Breaking hadn’t long been going so there wasn’t a lot of info out there and without internet it was even harder. We all had to self-train and learn on the street on a piece of cardboard down the bus terminus. I started doing robotics with a guy called Dwayne Hooper after watching a film called Breakdance the movie. I was 14. Eventually after a short while saw some other guys dancing in the school corridors and got talking, which we started a crew called the Globe Rockers. We trained learning from films like the Breakdance movie 1&2, Krush Groove, Some Hip Hop documentaries and the legendary Beat Street.

There was another crew much more established and sponsored by Fletcher Sports called the Awesome 4 and they had a DJ and Lino. We used to Battle them (dance off) at The Savoy under 18’s disco every Sunday night which I’d like to say we won, but I’m not so sure.

Back then there was quite a few people BBoying and we used to battle all the time. The DJ was Carl Ward and used to play Run DMC walk this way, that was our cue. Eventually I was asked to join the Awesome 4, and after performing all over the island another person joined which  changed to the Awesome Allstars.  We performed everywhere in Guernsey, Herm, Jersey and Sark. We performed at 9 Liberation days, Roquaine Regatta’s, harbour carnivals, Vale Earth fair with One of a Kind, and many more public events, Local parties and Hip Hop nights. Sark Carnivals, Folk festivals, and local dance competitions. My late Dad Graham Hyett invited us to perform at the folk festivals.

Awesome Allstars

Eventually because of other commitments etc. the crews all faded out starting from around the 90’s. The Allstars were still going with different members. We had DJ’s and we did Graffiti and even some MCing. Hot Feet and I recorded and performed some Rapping and did Graff at Brock Road Youth Club and Cappelles and a couple of buses.

The crew consisted through the whole time of :

Matt Robins(Hot Feet) Dave Hyett (styles) Andre Troalic (Electro Wizard) Chris Gomez, Simon Veron (DJ Solo) Adriano Sensi (Trixsta) Neil Gosselin (Wiz) Manzur Asghar (Prince Pop also a DJ) Ross De Carteret (Power Glide) and a few more.

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After everything dying down 1995 kicked off again with the Battle of the Year competitions which sent us on a new learning curve. We performed at the Millennium celebrations and after not many were left. I carried on my own along with sometimes Trixsta, Hot Feet or Philly Phil. I danced at nearly every Get Down, Hot Feet and I went to Hip Hop festivals in the UK and in Europe and danced with the best breakers in the world, Rock Steady crew, Ivan and the British crews who were amazing. Lil Timmy and Mouse and more.

I entered the Urban Games in London and did OK, I also entered the Street dancing championships 2002 and was in the final 6 ,I entered the Specsavers reach for a star with Philly Phill and placed well.

I started my stage career in 2000 with GADOC in Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe as a fight choreographer, then got involved with small parts and chorus. so using my strengths got me onto the stage,  Then was asked to audition for Fame with Youth Theatre 2004 which was a part that suited me as it was a street dancer, this fully set my buzz for stage alight as Tyronne, I ended up being in panto’s and I also choreographed. I learnt other styles of dance too while Acting and, I was Cosmo from Singing in the Rain and Learned to Tap, my robotics helped me play Ariel the robot on skates in forbidden planet. I have brought Break dance to most of the Pantomimes I’ve been in.

After 10 years of performing as many shows as possible I wanted to further my career so I trained at East 15 Acting school in southend on sea in Physical Theatre, toning such skills as stage combat, circus, Grotowski, aerial work, Commedia D L’Arte, contact impro,dance, puppetry and Acting.

olympic torch day LLods Tsb

Some professional credits are:

The bike thief in Mark Ronsons the Bike song video , ,Limey in Trial of the Mariner in Hoxton Hall and Spanner in Isobels Tree in the Shaw Theatre with an ex member of the West Ends Stomp, I  filmed an Internet viral breakdancing as a surgeon in London with Spike productions. The Hole Job, street theatre show for Olympics, Bureau of Silly Ideas, tour, July & August 2012 London, Anja music video, Cryptic MC music video

I also had the pleasure of working with the Arts Commission last year on Dance month where I performed and taught and all local areas.

I know teach professionally at 2 local performing art schools, GATE and Drama Speaks.

I want all 4 elements of Hip Hop to stay and would like the younger guys and girls to go get a piece of lino or cardboard and a boom box, and throw themselves around to learn  their  flavour in BBoying and get on the streets and just DANCE. I’ve been dancing for 28 years and need to slow down but do not want to as my heart is saying I love it so I do not want Breakin to stop. Street Dance is Rockin on the Island but we…The Hip Hop community need BBoys and BGirls.

This video is one of many that has inspired me to dance… Hopefully it will inspire you too

As Africa Bambatta used to about Hip Hop “Peace, Unity, Love and having Fun”

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