INSIGHT – New exhibition at The Greenhouse Gallery

Nine young artists have been selected for a show titled ‘Insight – Student Exhibition 2016’, opening on Thursday 28th July at the greenhouse gallery, in Guernsey Museum.   The Guernsey Arts Commission’s annual student exhibition showcases a variety of art, design, media and photography from the end-of-year art shows at the College of Further Education, Grammar School, Elizabeth College and Ladies’ College; highlighting the strong creative talent consistently emerging on the island.

The exhibition is kindly sponsored by NatWest and is the sixth show of the annual series.

The 2016 students include: Joey Burnard, Amber Moxom, Matthew Stockreiter, Tove Barnes, Georgina Smart, two returning artists Brittany Chippendale and Sam O’Neill as well as a group media project from the Grammar School involving Katie de Carteret, Rosie Jehan and Brittany, who has two pieces of work in the exhibition.

This year’s exhibition has been curated by GAC’s Simone Roberts and new Head of Arts Development Manager, Russ Fossey.

Simone Roberts, Arts Administrator, said “I’m delighted to be curating the student show again this year. It was fantastic to see so much talent in all of the end-of-year shows and it was pleasure to discover some stand out pieces. All of the students who exhibited work for their end-of-year shows should be very proud. All of the selected artworks really stood out to use because they each showcased good technical ability while also telling a different and thought provoking story”.

The exhibition is entitled Insight: Student Exhibition 2016, as this year’s work experiments with various themes around mental health, the human form and decay. There is a variety of skills used across all of the selected artworks, with one particular example by Joey Burnard who has created a sculpture in the shape of a chair, while also depicting the female form. The statement and concept of this piece was exceptionally strong. “My work portrays exploration of subjectification of the human form, as well as expresses my personal response to how I feel society and its pressures can affect people and their identity within the world” said Joey.

Russ Fossey, said “As the new Head of Arts Development for GAC it was a privilege to attend each of the shows which highlighted how much emerging talent there is on the island. The student show is a key part of the greenhouse gallery programme and meets many of our aims to support upcoming talented artists. We’re extremely grateful for the continued support that NatWest have provided over the years and have made the student show possible. We were really drawn to the artworks that had a story to tell, mainly those which conveyed a story in itself. The artworks we’ve chosen really stood out to us and we felt it was important for the public to be able to connect with each of the pieces too”.

This year the student show also welcomes back two young artists who were also featured in last year’s show. Brittany Chippendale and Sam O’Neill’s work were once again immediately prominent pieces. ‘It was fantastic to see the progression both artists had made and a pleasant surprise to us that we would be featuring them again. There was no question around shortlisting their artwork for both the 2015 show and 2016’s show as they had demonstrated such high skill and strong concepts’ said Simone.

Rob Girard, Island Director, NatWest, commented: “This is a superb event for Guernsey, supporting education, youth development and the arts. The work created by the students each year is of an incredibly high standard and showcases the exceptional talent we have here on the Island.  We are delighted to support this exhibition and to celebrate the achievements of our young people.”

You can meet and hear from these emerging artists at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 29 July from 5.30pm until 7pm at the greenhouse gallery at Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery, Candie.  The exhibition runs until Monday 29th July 2016.

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