In Your Face – video project at the greenhouse

Now Showing at the greenhouse exhibition and project space:

The ‘In Your Face Video’ aims to gather responses from young people aged 11 – 25 to two very simple questions..

  • What do you love about Guernsey?
  • What do you hate about Guernsey?

This project is designed to raise awareness about some of the issues that young people are concerned with on the island.  The questions aim to give young people from varying backgrounds a voice creating a dialogue between them and the wider community.

This project is part of a longer running project that plans to increase the participation of young people in the arts within the island.  Initially these projects ask very little of the young people, but hopefully as they progress the involvement will increase.

The success of the project relies on the involvement of participants from various backgrounds, so the more people that take part the better. ‘In Your Face Video’ is on-going and shall be added too throughout the year.   Here are the first edits… Please feel free to post a comment below…





the greenhouse exhibiton space can be found in the Guernsey Information Centre, admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Why do Community Arts Matter?
Download a sheet detailing why Community Arts are important and our aims and objectives for Community Arts in the Island: why-community-arts-matter

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