Important Information for the Guernsey Lantern Parade

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for tomorrow’s Guernsey Arts Commission Lantern Parade, in conjunction with The Sarah Groves Foundation.

Saturday 14 March – Churchill Avenue


• You DON’T need to have made a lantern to join in with the parade. Just walk with everyone and enjoy the parade and performances!
• If you attended a lantern making workshop, make sure you bring your ‘I MADE A LANTERN’ slip in exchange for a lantern.
• You can collect your lanterns from the tents at Cambridge Park from 5:30pm to 6:15pm.
• If we have lanterns left over at 6:15pm that have not been collected, we will give these out to the general public.
• If you have made a lantern at school or other workshop, please come to collect a cane for your lantern from the tents at Cambridge Park from 5:30pm to 6:15pm.
• DO NOT turn on your lantern until we have the light switch on!


• The parade will start at promptly 6:30pm from Churchill Avenue
• The parade will end at Albert Pier, followed by a performance from SPARK!
• If you need assistance along the parade, please approach one of the stewards
• All stewards will be wearing hi-vis jackets and will be happy to help


• Please make a steward aware of any lost children
• Any lost children will be safely escorted by stewards to the marina facilities at Albert Pier (Located at the bottom of the pier)


• Stewards will ask for your lanterns on arrival at Albert Pier. These will be given back out at the end of the event.
• When at Albert Pier, please help the stewards to collect the lanterns
• The lanterns will be displayed around the pier, allowing everyone to be able to see SPARK!’s performance.
• If you do not wish to hand in your lantern, you will be asked to move to the back of the parade so you do not obstruct peoples view of the performance
• If you want to take a lantern home, please ask the stewards at the end of the event.


• Have fun! Enjoy it!
• Take lots of photos and videos
• Send us your photos and videos and use ‪#‎GSYLanternParade‬ on all social media.


See you tomorrow!


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