IEB Trading Ltd supports Community Arts

Guernsey based company IEB Trading Ltd have pledged support towards the Phoenix and Karabiner aspects of the Guernsey Arts Commission’s Community Arts Programme in 2012.

The two projects deal with different sections of the local community, both of which have a lack of access to the arts.

The Phoenix Project, which began in late 2011, is the first stage in the Guernsey Arts Commission’s programme to take the arts to those in residential homes and takes place at Le Platon in St Peter Port.

The project aims to slow the degenerative effects of aging on the mind and the body while encouraging an outward spiralling of community involvement through the creative process in the areas of the visual arts, music and dance.

The Karabiner Project on the other hand works with some of the islands most challenged youth. Working with young people aged16-18, The Karabiner Project aims to help them be better prepared for employment, “work-ready” and to build on their social and life skills, something with which the creativity offered by the arts can be a key factor. Along with CV building interests these music, drama and visual arts programmes inspire participants to orient their activities with an uplifting positive focus.

Nicola Hargreaves, Senior Marketing Manager from IEB Trading Ltd, says: “We are very glad to be given the opportunity to support the Phoenix Project, which will be of great benefit to all residents who participate in the activities available. In addition, we are pleased to continue supporting the Karabiner Project, enabling it to carry on working with young people for another year.”

Community Arts Development Manager, Brett Klement, says: “Serving our elders is a portal into breathing history. The enthusiasm for life exhibited by those who have not only lived but survived and thrived through times far harsher than our own is a daily inspiration. These are among the most beautiful people on the planet and sadly place outside the normal path of society. Our programmes at Le Platon have been a journey amongst the most loving, vibrant souls to engage in the creative process and more than a few must know personalities! It is among the most rewarding work we do at the Guernsey Arts Commission.”

To find out how you can support or get involved with our Community Arts Programme contact Brett Klement on [email protected] or check out the Community Arts and Support pages of this website.

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