Guernsey Arts Open 2020

Adult Award Winner

Steven Glass

The Shamen

Initial conception of each piece is formed through spontaneous focus on pure movement of the brush over the surface. Attention is paid to a base colors and pattern. My work has its origins with a connection and bridge made with the human body in relation to the body of the Earth. Elements range from the cells of the body, bones and figurative. The message and concept that forms is that we are not separate form the Earth but integral to the whole. Nothing remains the same but allows for an impermanent ever shifting perception.

Harmonic Ocean
Made in Stone
Marrow Bridge

Student Award Winner

Bill Travers

Cerulean Crossroads

This is an acrylic painting on canvas. I painted this in my second year of A-levels (year 13) when I was at  one of the most stressful times in my life, A-levels were picking up, I had to decide on a uni and COVID-19 just started to become a real threat worldwide. I channeled a lot of my anxiety, fustrations  and stress into this painting with harsh paint strokes of dark blue overlapping pinks and greens. Then I scratched away paint with a knife to reveal intense angry reds and yellows  which look like they are cracking through the surface.

Exhibiting Artist

Agnès Perry

[email protected]

My world
Past & Present
Resting in Calm Waters

Alex Douglas

[email protected]

Storm, Sea and Shelters Part 1
Storm, Sea and Shelters Part 2
Storm, Sea and Shelters Part 3

Storm, sea and shelters Setting off through beckoning storm and raging sea these drawings follow the journey of a lone ship as she sails past curious human settlements. This collection focuses on capturing the coziness of the ‘home’ contrasted against the imminent threat of winter elements, using quirky and dynamic form to express this aggressive energy while simultaneously achieving a naive and dramatic composition

Fit For A King

Fit For A King While I’ve been unable to be with friends, or be in the places I want to be, I have drawn these quirky cast of characters in idle celebration under the summer sun; they embody my anticipation and give me some comfort in these abnormal times.

Angela Tolcher

[email protected]

Textile Garden

      This abstract, textile collage includes printed flowers together with ‘found, personal to the artist’ materials, embellished with buttons and beads.

Vazon Bay

Different materials were used for colour and texture to create this picture. Subtle embellishments were added to enhance the sparkly effect of the sun, sea and sand on a summer’s day.

Anna Romeril

[email protected]


Athene Sholl

[email protected]

Energy Flash

A burst of energy in a very short space of time creates an Energy Flash. Best accompanied by Joey Beltram.

Ben Fiore

[email protected]

Milky Way Photography across the Bailiwick of Guernsey

Capturing the night sky across the Bailiwick of Guernsey. I plan and prep for these shots sometimes months in advance. This is due to moon phases, Milky Way position, tides and then its all down to the weather on the day. I use creative techniques whilst shooting, most are made up of more then 10 frames.. as well as quite complex computer processing.This make these images factual, meaning that what you see is what was there. With post processing I bring these images to life with vibrancy and definition.

Cahir Cahill

[email protected]

Caroline Veron

[email protected]

Life On Mars

Colourful and vibrant pastel animal print – digitally hand drawn using procreate.

Charlie Buchanan

[email protected]


Work forms part of new set of images entitled ‘L’Olures’ or ‘The Myths’ in Guernsey French exploring storytelling and mythology in everyday life.

Charlotte Arnold

[email protected]


Chris Pearson

[email protected]


Sign of the Times – we don’t know what’s around the next corner… who’s the good guy / who’s the bad guy?

Chris Simcox

Colin I.H. Perry

Derek Millar

Dulcie Walters

Elizabeth Adams

Elliott Mariess

Estelle Moseley

Frances Lemmon

Frankie Billington

Grace Tayler

Hayley Mallett

Imogen Wegerer

India Silvester

James Colmer

Jamie Fallaize

Jasmine Morgan

Jennie Ryland

Jill Vaudin

Jilly Wright

Joanne Furniss

Jonathan G Skelton

Kaci Prevel

Kaya Ozard

Lou Stephens

Lucy Spearing

Luke Kershaw

Lupin Vivian

Maisie Harris

Mark Windsor

Matt Graysmith

Mikal Dyas

Monika Drabot

Monty McMonagle

Nigel Byrom

Patrick Earle

Phillipa Looijenga

Rob Sweeney

Robert Dingle

Sharmane Dodd

Sheryl Hester

Steve Molnar

Tasmin Ferguson

Valerie Travers

Verity Tolcher

Victoria Thorburn

Vikki Gray

 Vivien Ferneyhough

Yasmin Mariess

Adam Gillson

Clarice W Greening

Deborah Soper

Eleanor Saussey

Eloise Fabbri

Etienne Laine

Gill Harrison

Hana Fox

Hannah Ellis

Jana Shrigley

Joni Nettleship

Melissa Tostevin

Roseanna Freeman

Serena Child

Stewart Harris

Taylor Arrowsmith

Trevor Jones

Vinny Luscombe

Wendy Shapcott

Zara Baudains

Zoe Sargeant

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