Guernsey Arts Commission Lantern Parade – In conjunction with the Sarah Groves Foundation – BIENNIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Guernsey Arts Commission Lantern Parade –  In conjunction with the Sarah Groves Foundation – BIENNIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 

Guernsey Arts Commission can announce that the popular Guernsey Lantern Parade, put on in conjunction with the Sarah Groves Foundation, will become a biennial event with the next one scheduled to take place in February or March 2017.

In December 2014 the Sarah Groves Foundation agreed to support the event financially for three years starting in 2015.  Following a review of last year’s wonderful event, both parties felt that a two-year planning cycle was the best way to ensure its on-going success for the following reasons:

  • To secure the maximum level of community engagement from schools and other social groups involved with young children;
  • Following the review referred to above, to enable significant enhancements to be incorporated into future events so that that the Lantern Parade becomes a key feature of Guernsey’s social calendar;
  • To allow sufficient time to make all necessary arrangements for the event with a very wide range of stakeholders and participants.

As a result of the above, the Sarah Groves Foundation will financially support the Guernsey Arts Commission in respect of the Lantern Parades now scheduled to take place in 2017 and 2019.

During the lead up to the 2014 parade Guernsey Arts Commission engaged with 10 island schools and ran various public outreach lantern building workshops at Beau Sejour, St. Martins Parish Hall and the PEH. Additional workshops were also held at Cheshire Homes and the Bouet Estate, alongside Action for Children.  All of the community lantern making workshops allowed the Guernsey Arts Commission to engage with hundreds of people and helped to build a total of 511 lanterns, with an estimated 1,600 participants on the evening.  The event involved performances by Guernsey’s Samba band and was led by the popular drum and light spectacular act known as SPARK!

The Sarah Groves Foundation has vas very strict guidelines for the distribution and use of its funds.  The Trustees give very careful consideration to each potential investment before making a commitment.  In the case of the Lantern Parade it ticked all of the boxes because it involved children of all abilities, from all walks of life; it was educational and was far from a ‘one-night affair’ – people were engaged in a very practical way for weeks and months before the parade itself and grew in self-belief; and finally there was a unanimous view that Sarah herself would have thoroughly approved of the Foundation’s involvement!

Guernsey Arts Commission are looking forward to working in the heart of the community to prepare, engage and deliver the 2017 event. Guernsey Arts Commission and the Sarah Groves Foundation welcome anyone who was inspired by 2014 and 2015 lantern parades to get involved with the 2017 lantern parade. Planning for the 2017 will begin next year and a list of community workshops, volunteer roles and how to get involved will be released as the planning progresses via the website and the Guernsey Arts Commission social media.

The Guernsey Arts Commission would once again like to thank the Sarah Groves Foundation for their continued support and mutual aspirations to enhance the lantern parade for the Guernsey community. Both Guernsey Arts Commission and the Sarah Groves Foundation would also like to thank the Guernsey public for supporting this special event and to all the volunteers who made it possible in March 2015.




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