Greyworld Lecture

Andrew Shoben is a former lecturer at the Royal College of Art, and is a visiting professor to several universities in the UK and the USA, and is a research fellow at Goldsmiths University. he founded Greyworld in Paris in 1993 with the goal to create works that articulate public spaces, allowing some form of self-expression in areas of the city that people see every day but normally exclude and ignore. its aim is to establish special intimacies through the unexpected articulation of objects installed in these spaces – to ‘short circuit’ both the environmental and social expectations supplied by the surrounding urban environment. spaces are created that offer the passer by an opportunity to join an unexpected ‘community of presence’, initiating an intimate communication which often leads to a personalization of the environment.

Tuesday 19th May 2009

7:30pm – 8:30pm

Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery

Frossard Theatre

Candie Gardens

Visit for more information Reserve your seat at [email protected] or 739747

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