GAC’s wrap-up of 2016

What were we up to in 2016?

GAC’s Arts in Health Programme has been contributing towards personal health and well-being for a few years now and it is becoming increasingly recognised by health providers.

  • In 2016 we worked with the Children’s Dental Service to brighten up their corridor with an underwater scene.

Children’s Dental Service Corridor

  • We created an Artist in Residency on the Children’s ward to re design their playroom.
  • We’ve been delivering one to one creative workshops for individuals undergoing Chemotherapy and using their artwork work to transform corridors and waiting areas in Le Vauquiedor House. 

Artwork at the Le Vauquiedor House

  • We have continued working in Oberlands Centre which was shortlisted for the Building Better Healthcare awards in two categories. #artsinhealthgsy
  • GAC’s work at the Princes Elizabeth Hospital is an ongoing project, but we are incredibly proud of the feedback we already have had. The transformation of hospital’s corridors, thanks to the artwork installed there, and also the individually tailored art workshops, coordinated and delivered by our art guardian angels Lottie Barnes, Hugh Rose, Ben Bailey-Davies and Frances Lemmon make a massive difference to patients’ frames of mind every day. #artsinhealthgsy
  • In 2016, thanks to Arts Sunday (GAC’s flagship event for showcasing the Arts in Guernsey) we had an abundance of visual art, theatre, dance, music, poetry & literature. An Arts market, workshops and demonstrations along with public art offerings. In its 6th year Arts Sunday saw well in excess of 11, 000 people visit the event, including locals, visitors holidaying on island and cruise ship passengers. The event runs all day and gives support to over 200 artists and musicians to promote themselves to the public. Over 35 hours of entertainment was provided across 7 stages along with a bustling arts market. The day was packed with Art related activities and workshops for all ages. Arts Sunday will come back on 4thJune 2017! #artssunday

Arts Sunday 2016

  • 6th Arts on the Beach, which took place on Sunday 31st July, saw hundreds of people having a fantastic time enjoying the fun day on the beautiful Vazon beach. The day was filled with interactive arts activities for families and individuals and wrapped up with a sand castle competition! #artsonthebeachgsy

arts on the beach 2016

  • We are incredibly proud of our charity outreach work for the community of Guernsey. We have been delivering weekly outreach sessions at Les Genats, and le Bouet. One of the fantastic outcomes in 2016 was the Les Genats Photo Exhibition based on images taken by the young people living on the estate. You could really sense the positive energy and the togetherness GAC’s activity has brought to the Les Genats community.

Les Genats Photo Exhibition 2016

  • We have been also working on the development of a bug trail in the form of an interactive app around the Chateaux de Marias (Ivy Castle), le Bouet, which has some interesting plant and insect species. This particular project connects the community to their environment and also educates the young people who are creating the artwork for the trail. We are looking forward to the completion of this fun, engaging project.
  • We hosted 4 exhibition at the greenhouse gallery including Skipton Art Festival Open Exhibition ‘Guernsey Heritage’, ‘Sharkification’ by Cristina De Middel,  student exhibition called ‘Insights’ and Jason’s Wilde’s called ‘Guerns’.

GAC 2016 Grant Allocation


GAC’s arts grants scheme funds arts projects and events that engage residents in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and adds to the cultural offer to both locals and visitors.

In 2016 we have welcomed applications from a range of art forms. Now we have held our last meeting in 2016, we have been able to create a pie chart of how the money was distributed across the art forms.

Here is the list of events and projects we have supported in 2016:

Guernsey-born singer and songwriter Nessi Gomez, who recently won the 2016 Best Unsigned British Female Artist Award

Dutcheez Productions – ‘Patch’ – A Short Film, which recently has won its first award: ‘Award of Merit’ in Los Angeles.

Alderney Literary Festival

‘Financial World – Works of Philipp Valenta’ – catalogue

History in Action performances at the Castle Cornet

40th Vale Earth Festival

Candie Garden’s Sunday Concerts

Town Carnival

Guernsey Literary Festival

Guernsey Photography Festival

Guernsey Proms – Proms on the Pier

Alice Nant & Kit Gillson and project ‘Solitary’

Opera Sark

Alderney Theatre Group


Yeah, we have been busy!

And now we are looking forward to celebrating and embracing arts in 2017!

The Lantern Parade returns in 2017

We are thrilled to confirm that we will be delivering 3rd Lantern Parade on Saturday 25th March 2017 in conjunction with The Sarah Groves Foundation. We are also excited to announce that we will be bringing back SPARK! A magical live music, movement and lighting spectacular group, in which five mysterious characters composed of light transform the landscape around them to lead the parade. There will also be a little extra twist this year! Stay tuned for our Facebook and Twitter updates! #gsylanternparade

Guernsey Lantern Parade

The preparations for this exciting event are on their way and right now:

We are looking for Group Leaders, for example scout and guides etc. who would like to take part in our Free Lantern Making Workshop on Saturday 14th January 2017, 10am-12.30pm.

The aim of this workshop is to train the leaders, so they can make the lanterns with their groups. This Lantern Making Workshop is free and all materials are provided, including kit to make 10 lanterns with your group to take away. If you sign up for the workshop you are also committing to attending Guernsey Lantern Parade on 25th March 2017.

Amalgam - new exhibition at the greenhouse gallery

From Monday 19th December GAC is hosting a new,

fascinating exhibition called AMALGAM, at The Greenhouse Gallery at Guernsey Museum

Amalgam is a collaborative exhibition consisting of ready-mades, prints and sculptures. #amalgamgsy

Find out more about the exhibition and the artists here.

Open daily, 10am-4pm at the greenhouse at Guernsey Museum, Candie.


To our sponsors: Co-Operative Society Guernsey, NatWest, The Sarah Groves Foundation, Friends of PEH, John Rampling Charitable Trust, Waitrose.

Partners: The Guernsey and Alderney Youth Commission and Health and Social Care, Guernsey Museums

And Volunteers: Chloe Dorey and Amanda Barnes.

A very special thanks to our board of commissioners for their support leadership direction.

Best wishes from Russ, Lottie, Justyna and Tony to all. Have a Fantastic Holiday and a Very Happy New Year!


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