GAC supported short movie ‘Patch’ wins another four American film prizes

Latest Press Release from DutchCheez Productions:

‘Short movie ‘Patch‘ filmed in Guernsey wins another four American film prizes

Another success for Dutch filmmakers Marinda van ‘t Hoff and Karen Spanjer. For the third time in a row this year ‘Patch’ is nominated by a festival on the Golden Coast : the Best of Shorts Festival. The film has won two awards in the highest category: the Award of Excellence for Best Short Film and Humor and two Awards of Merit with Special Mention for Script and Audience Impact.


Jury report, La Jolla / San Diego, California, January 2, 2017:

” Patch ‘ has an hilarious and grim story line in which actresses Marinda van’ t Hoff and Karen Spanjers show exceptional performances … Director Knigge combines humor, pathos and shock in unprecedented fashion with exceptional sense of timing. The images of the British island of Guernsey, where the film is set, are enchanting. ”

Last month, ‘Patch’ also won ‘the Award of Merit ” at the LA Global Shorts Festival and last September it was selected for the prestigious LA Shorts Fest.  Here in Hollywood the film premiered beside films like’ Shame ‘with Denzel Washington and “My Mom and the Girl” with Valerie Harper ( “The Office,” “Sex in the City”) and Liz Torres ( “Gilmore Girls”).

About Patch

‘Patch’ was directed by Kristjan Knigge and is a black comedy about an escalation of a rather special friendship between two best friends. It is exceptional for a debut film to have come this far so far in Hollywood. What makes it even more exceptional is that ‘Patch’ is entirely produced independently and that both filmmakers star in the main roles.

Best of Shorts Festival

The Best Shorts Competition honors film and television talent that delivers exceptional performance in terms of quality entertainment or contribute to profound social change. Entries will be judged by leading professionals in the US film and television industry.

Among the previous winners are celebrities like Harvey Keitel, Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones, Pirates of the Carrabian), Reed Birney (House of Cards) and Liv Tyler.’


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