GAC Funded Film Production Presentation

Film Production and Micro-Budget Film-Making

Friday 25th October, 2013 – 2.30pm.

“The Man Who Tried To Steal An Island” is a 2013, GAC funded short film about the real life attempt by André Gardes to conquer Sark in August 1990. The film was directed by Ben Sutton, and Caragh Davison was the producer and editor. Ben and Caragh will be in Guernsey to hold a workshop/ presentation at the Frossard Theatre, Candie Museum on Friday 25th October. The presentation will encompass ‘Film Production’ and ‘Micro-Budget Film-Making’, targeted at students and artists interested in developing their interest in the Art of Film, giving realistic and practical tools and strategies to realise a variety of film projects. A Q&A session will follow.


Film Screening

Friday 25th October, 2013 – 6.45pm

A 2013 production, “The Man Who Tried To Steal an Island” will be screened at the Frossard Theatre, Candie Museum on Friday 25th October. The short film is a dark comedic interpretation of the events leading up to the attempted one-man invasion of Sark by André Gardes in August 1990. Who was Gardes? What led up to his bizarre offensive? The Director of the film, Ben Sutton, and Producer/Editor, Caragh Davison, will be on hand to answer your questions.

A selection of short films made by Guernsey students will also be shown.


Both events are free of charge and open to any age group. You can book your place by ringing Mary Rouillard on 07781-127491 and giving your name to reserve tickets.


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