GAC 2014 Arts Funding allocation

Allocation of 2014 Arts Funding by the Guernsey Arts Commission

GAC’s Arts’ Grants scheme funds projects and events that engage residents in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and add to the cultural offer on island. In 2014 we have welcomed applications from a range of art forms including theatre, creative writing, dance, music, photography, visual arts, craft, festivals and films. Now we have held our last meeting in 2014, we have been able to create a pie chart of how the money was distributed across the art forms (please see below).

Successful applicants in the last funding round in November included:

  • The Alderney Performing Arts Festival £4,000
  • Creative Industries – Learn, Create, Produce – £3,000
  • Alderney Literary Trust – £2,000
  • Charlie Buchanan – Oshono the Owl Boy – £1,925
  • Guernsey Camerata – £1,500
  • Sarah Hansmann – The History of Guernsey in 60 minutes – £1,500
  • James Harrison – Documentary film – Ady’s Epic 7 – £1,500
  • Nick Mann – Album recording – The Stories of a Ramblin’ Man – £527.91
  • Stalk the Lantern (Band) – £1,000
  • Studio Alderney – Alderney Sunstone Play – £1,500

The figures alongside each successful applicant are made up of a mixture of Grants, Underwrites and Sponsorship matches.

The next GAC Funding Application deadline is 3rd January 2015. All information is within the GAC website on

Below you find the 2014 summary, you can also see how the money was distributed from 2010 to 2013.




Distribution Arts Funding

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