FREE SCREENING Opera de Rennes


Carmen by Georges Bizet

performed by Opéra de Rennes at Beau Séjour

 Thursday 28th September at 7pm

A superb cultural opportunity from La Belle France!

 Book now at or call 747280

Please come along and seize this splendid cultural opportunity to see a new spectacle – the opera Carmen, sung by Opéra de Rennes, from Brittany, France.

This is a great way to introduce yourself to opera, in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, with no formalities.

The evening, starting at 7pm is very informal, and you can come and go throughout the screening. This event is suitable for ALL ages.

The opera was originally performed at the Rennes Opera House in June this year – the French initiative bringing opera to the wider public, and also to Guernsey! Sport and Culture have worked alongside the Opéra de Rennes to bring this fantastic music to Guernsey, whilst building stronger relations between the Channel Islands and the Department of Ille et Vilaine of Brittany.

Beau Séjour has a superb facility for this event, tiered seating, superb sound system with surround sound, perfect for opera!

The cafe is open throughout the evening for you to purchase food and drink as you wish, and these can be taken into the theatre.

Beau Séjour offers ample parking with on-site facilities for everyone.

So get out your castanets, your flamenco shoes and revel in the cultural heritage of French opera.

On behalf of Sport and Culture Committee and the Guernsey Arts Commission

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