First Impressions… By Chris Charles

What an amazing couple of days, I have met some great people, visited some beautiful places and eaten my fill of what the ocean has to offer.

I started my journey at Market Square, with Antonia and Lottie and we got straight into talking to the local people about what they thought made Guernsey the place it is. We managed to talk to a real cross section of the young and the not so, mentioning no names, and we had many different explanations and views of what is at the heart of Guernsey’s Cultural Identity.











From the more traditional discussions around the German occupation and the industries of flowers and tomatoes…











…too, “Just living for the weekend!”

Guernsey is a really diverse place with a real mix of people.The starting point of this week for me has been to just get out there and meet people and work with Antonia, a locally based artist, to start a conversation.

















As the week progresses I will be traveling around working from the beaches, local community organisations, the prison and with any one that just wants to stop me for a catch up and the opportunity to get involved.














The idea we have is to start a cultural conversation on line with a selection of the portraits I collect along the way juxtaposed with the words and statements of the people and groups we meet.

The young lady above wanted to share her ideas about Guernsey and felt that at the heart of the community is a friendly and welcoming attitude towards everyone.

This project is a starting point and by next Saturday I aim to leave behind a simple but powerful representation of you, Guernsey.

A creative interaction that hopefully sparks a few people to get more involved with the Guernsey Community Arts team, led by Lottie Barnes, and also to create a space where more local artists like Antonia can make a statement about where she lives and where she wants her career as a creative to go.

















There has been a difference in response as we have met with people and that difference comes out in varying ways. These have ranged from discussing the beauty of the island itself and the cliff walks to the seasonal and sometimes isolating feelings that can be triggered by not enough to do and the financial challenge of living on Guernsey.













However most of my ‘victims’ have spoken about the family feeling of the Island and even though they may leave to study, to find alternative work or even love in some cases they all talk about coming home and that there is no better place in the world to grow up….













Right I think that that is enough for now as I am starting to bore myself, thanks for a great first couple of days and I will be back soon with more portraits and stories of Guernsey’s Cultural Identity.

PS – check the website’s home pageĀ  because as I said earlier it would be great to get your photographs on here alongside the images Antonia and I are capturing so get involved and lets fill this space with great imagery.

PPS we even grabbed Charlie on his day off…


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