Exhibition Programme at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital

Guernsey Arts Commission is launching a new exhibition programme at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. Over the next year we will be exhibiting three local Artists work starting with Simone Le Goff, then Bridget Spinney and Christine Shaw.

Simone’s exhibition will be launched on Friday 5th December. There is an opportunity to meet the Artist at her exhibition on the main corridor at the main entrance from 12-2.00pm on Friday 12th December.

Simone uses textiles as her primary medium, fabric as the base for her work, usually silk, then using machine stitching to add lines, colour and texture; think of the stitch as a thread pencil or thread brush stroke.


Clinical studies have concluded that placing original artworks within the healthcare environment had the following benefits:

  • Reduction in levels of anxiety, stress and depression
  • Reduction in patients’ length of stay within the hospital
  • Reduction in the use of some medications
  • Increase in staff morale

Simone Le Goff says:

My work is a celebration of beauty in nature and life form. My painting style is intricate and detailed; jewel toned colour brings richness and vibrancy. In my embroideries, I work on raw silk, I use the thread as if it were a pencil, using the lines to define and shade.

Learning painting techniques ‘along the way’ I have uncovered a style of affluent and dream like artwork, illustrating a magical world.


My love of textiles and sewing began at a very early age watching my Grandma, Mabel Tostevin, making clothes by hand and making beautiful dolls for my sister and I, some were knitted some made out of fabric. My love of painting, inspired by my Late Father, John Le Goff, a very accomplished (but private) Fine Artist. Sometimes combining these two very different mediums, I have developed an original style all of my own.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” Twyla Tharp



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