Exciting new partnership between The Christie Hospital, UK and The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey

As part of our new Arts in Health Programme, and to support our new project working in the Bulstrode Unit with patients as they undergo chemotherapy, Pat Mountford kindly gave up her time to visit Guernsey and support this new project.

Pat is the Artist in Residence at The Christie Hospital, UK (Europe’s Largest Cancer Centre.) She has worked there for ten years running the art room.  The art room provides several drop-in sessions a week for patients.Pat tells us “Often you will get patients coming in who are feeling very low, they may have lost friends, lost their job and the art room is a safe space where they can feel that sense of control that they may have lost since being diagnosed with cancer.” One of the patients who attends the class says “It helped me in so many ways. I forgot the pain for the two hours of the class and felt a sense of relaxation.

As part of this project Pat brought over service users paintings and they are currently being exhibited in the main corridor of the PEH. These paintings show the high standard and impressive technical quality that can be achieved in a healthcare setting. The exhibition shows a range of work, all on canvas. Some of the patients have been attending the class for years, for one lady, this was her first canvas! Pat told us that there was so much excitement in the art room leading up to the exhibition. “They were so excited that their work was going to guernsey! there was a real buzz in the art room.”

While Pat was in Guernsey she worked closely with Community Artist Antonia Ramsey to help set up the workshops in The Bulstrode Unit, PEH. Her years of experience and advice were priceless, these workshops will be happening over the next 12 weeks. Keep an eye on our blog for updates!

Pat also spent some time with some local artists, teaching techniques and sharing ideas and advice. We played with watercolour paints, salt, sharpies, acetate and oil pastels to create interesting effects.

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We would like to thank Pat Mountford for her time and for supporting our Arts in Health Programme to develop and show the potential of what can be achieved in a hospital setting.

If you would like to go and see the exhibition ‘Beyond the Big C’ go to the main entrance and turn left after the porters lodge, the exhibition is in that main corridor and continues on the next corridor on the left.

To find out more about the Arts in Health Programme, or to let us know what you think email [email protected]

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