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Does the news do us any good?

In today’s digital age we are so used to recieving ‘The News’ as it is happening. Reporters present live in the midst of a disaster and with the rise of social media with a click of a button we can see streams of events constantly changing and updating.

But how do we decode the construct that is ‘The News’? What should we do with all the information that is constantly regurgitated filling our televisions, computers and phones? How do we decode these narratives which we so readily consume without question?

Writer, philosopher and entreprenuer Alain de Botton addressed these questions and more in his Royal Society of Arts Lecture which was streamed live at The GTA, St Peter Port House. He drew connections between art and celebrity culture, disaster stories and greek tragedy and disects the narratives that are presented as ‘News’ and the framework they are presented in.

As Plato thought that for an ideal state philosophers must become kings or kings must learn to philosophise, Alain suggests that is should be the same with journalists. Here is the news written by a philosopher: http://philosophersmail.com/

The lecture was insightful and thought-provoking with a lovely lunch kindly provided by the GTA and followed by a discussion led by Guernsey Press Business Editor, James Falla. If you didnt make this one there will be more! The next RSA Lecture is on The Political Origins of the Banking Crisis come and join the debate! For more information see the GTA website:  http://www.gta.gg/index.php/course?g=7&c=0988

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