David Pipon illustrated talk at the Frossard Theatre

Join Guernsey Arts Commission for a free illustrated talk by David Pipon from CCA Galleries International. You will also have a chance to see the latest exhibition in the greenhouse gallery, The Very Best of Contemporary British Art.Monday 7th December, 6pm – 7pm. Free admission.

David will be covering numerous points, including:

• The way the invention of photography prompted artists to develop new ways of representing the world.

• The innovations of the late 19th Century (Cezanne plus the impressionists).

• The development of art in relation to wars, inventions, social upheavals and the many directions art took during the 20th and into 21st Century

• How during the 20th Century there was a move towards non-representational art and how it developed and never lost it’s power to delight, stimulate and shock

• Manipulations of the 2 dimensional picture plane and how art has embraced many areas other than painting and sculpture e.g. land and performance art


David Pipon Talk - Introducing Modern Art - Poster - 2

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