Cultural Identity: Seven of the Best

After the mammoth success of Insider Art comes the GAC’s third annual student show at the greenhouse.


Cultural Identity: Seven of the Best is the third in an annual series of exhibitions where the Guernsey Arts Commission showcases students’ work drawn from this summer’s end-of-year shows. This year, Eric Snell, Chair of the Public Art Sub-Committee at the GAC and Tutor at the GCoFE, curated the exhibition. He had this to say about the exhibition:


“As an artist, and someone who has  had a long association with education, I was delighted when the Guernsey Arts Commission invited me to curate this  year’s GAC student exhibition. The process of reviewing all the students’ work began earlier this summer when I spent many hours going from one student show to another. I didn’t set out with a particular concept in mind, but as I started to select various students’ work, I noticed that there was a common theme running through each piece. It was a theme of ‘identity’ and this started to make me think about how one’s society and connection with a particular place informs one’s  ideas and work, and how at the age of 17 or 18, one is also striving to find one’s own identity.”


“These are the young voices that are informing our society and we should be listening. This is the next generation, the people who are going to give the island its new cultural identity. It’s all too easy to look backwards and confuse cultural identity with nostalgia. Through social media and the Internet, this is the first generation of islanders who are no longer ‘isolated’. Their friends are not just from the same school or parish – they can come from any part of the globe, embracing different cultures and different values. It is by embracing other cultures that we gain a better understanding of our own culture.”


“All of the works on display are effectively a visual statement telling us something about each of the students’ struggle and fascinating journey they have embarked upon in an attempt to discover their own identity and direction. However, the debate goes beyond the mere individual because this exhibition, this collective group of works shown together, should make us realise that in this cyber, globalised and multi-cultural age in which we live, Guernsey  as a place is also in need of rediscovering its own identity and own direction. Maybe we should all be taking notes?”


To read more about what Eric has to say about the exhibition, and what each of the students have to say about their own work, you can pick up brochures from the greenhouse.


The GAC is delighted that NatWest are once again supporting the exhibition in the greenhouse.



The exhibition runs from 13th September – 10th November

the greenhouse is located inside the Tourist Information Centre, North Esplanade, St Peter Port.

Opening Hours:

Until 29th September: Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm. Sun, 9am-1pm

From 30th September: Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm. Sun, closed.


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