Community Arts Spotlight: Thinking outside of the box

My name is Pete Appelqvist and I have been volunteering with the Community Arts program at Les Genats Estate since December 2011. I work alongside Emma Weldon, as the Team Leader, Michele Mei Herring, Amanda Barnes and most recently Ellie Spafford and Jamie Stevenson. Every member of the team is passionate about working with young people, appreciating the potential that each child there has and thriving in the challenging environment.


Most recently Jamie, Ellie and I have been leading sessions using rolls of wallpaper and an assortment of 2D and 3D materials to create collective works in the form of murals. Covering the table with the wallpaper, we have encouraged the children to explore colour and form, assisting with drawing techniques and most importantly exercising their imaginations; leading to the creation of eclectic group works.

In addition to the above, another temporary addition to the team, Cristavao Santos-Bertram, has introduced music and dance into Les Genats estate. Cris is leading workshops where he teaches the young people hip hop/break dance inspired moves, ultimately culminating in choreographed routines. This followed on from a previous project which tapped into the children’s enthusiasm for street art, where young people supervised by myself and others would practice their calligraphy with spray paint to create works of art on wooden boards.

Every member of the team is encouraged to bring new ideas to the program. In the coming months, Jamie and I aim to initiate a full 3D project utilising everyday reusable materials such as cardboard to create temporary sculptures which will last for the evening before being demolished (no doubt with relish), only to be redesigned the next week. A preliminary attempt of this idea was realised on Tuesday 31st of July this was a success and I look forward to watching this project develop.


Why not join our Community Arts Team by emailing [email protected] or calling 01481 709747.


We are now looking for a new Community Arts Development Manager to join the Guernsey Arts Commission. This is an exciting post, The Guernsey Arts Commission is looking for a self-motivated individual with a commitment to lead, deliver and strategically develop the GAC’s community arts programme for Guernsey as Community Arts Development Manager. Click through for more information!

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