Community Arts expands to St Martins

The weekly community arts programme that began at Les Genats Estate in late 2010 has now developed to include a second weekly session for youngsters in St Martins.

Community Arts Officer, Brett Klement, had this to say about the development:

“The ArtsMobile is on the move again! Children are now engaging in the creative process through hands on projects including origami, bead craft, watercolour painting and much more, every Wednesday night in the grounds of St. Martins Primary School. The sessions are there for youngsters in the surrounding community and take place between 7 and 9 in the evening. All are welcome!

“For two hours each night we open up the ArtsMobile, set up the tables and put out supplies to entice learners interest in new mediums, allowing new skills and self-confidence to develop. Our multi-artist team of volunteers bring out new possibilities each week while simultaneously working to meet the artistic interests of each child.

“Children are also encouraged to voice their opinions on a range of topics in the socially safe environment nurtured and promoted by the team leader and participating learners. A little girl, aged 8, stated clearly: ‘I do believe in Santa Claus but the Easter bunny is just too much!’

“This exciting program, developed with the Guernsey Sports Commission, has expanded from the humble begins on the Les Genats Estate in 2010 and is looking for further expansion beyond St. Martins in 2011. There are many sporting activities such as cricket, football and dodge-ball happening on the field and now those children who do not gravitate to organized sports have another option at the very least.

“The program is looking to expand from purely visual arts and encourages volunteers who are musicians, dancers, dramatists… anyone with a new skill to teach and the enthusiasm to convey passion for the medium and a willingness to offer enrichment in the life of a child.”

Click here to find out more about the Community Arts Programme or get involved by contacting Brett Klement.

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