Community Arts Development Manager and Commissioner named

The Guernsey Arts Commission is very happy to announce the appointment of its new Community Arts Development Manager and Commissioner for Community Arts as Brett Klement and Teresa Stoakes.

Brett has been working with the Guernsey Arts Commission as Community Arts Officer since April 2011 and the reclassification of his role to a managerial position reflects the Guernsey Arts Commission’s overall dedication to the furtherance of its Community Arts Programme.

Brett said: “These are truly exciting days as the Guernsey Arts Commission continues to expand the impact of the arts into the communities that need them most or have limited access to them. Working on only a single estate just a few months ago we are now serving three separate estate areas and expanding our programs to more than a dozen sites; serving toddlers at the Network Club all the way to some truly beautiful elderly ladies at Le Platon. The cry in the community has been heard and we are vigorously seeking workshop leaders, all possible volunteers and corporations/businesses looking to be involved with the outreach programmes of their choice.”

Teresa Stoakes has worked in the trust industry for several years and has taken on the voluntary role of Commissioner for Community Arts giving this important section of the Commission’s work a clearer voice on its Board of Commissioners while acting as a partner to Brett in the development of the programme.

Teresa said: “This is an awe inspiring collaboration of volunteers and local artists with people in our community with the potential to transform the lives of those involved.  Guernsey has much to be proud of that such an initiative has started and we now need to sustain the program as well as consider how to innovate it further.”

Following their appointment the Commissioner and Development Manager’s first task is to form a voluntary Sub-Committee for Community Arts to aid in the delivery and further development of the programme.

Teresa will also be working closely with the Commission’s Fundraising Sub-Committee to ensure future funding for both the programme and the Community Arts Development Manager role.

Teresa said: “Huge respect is due to the wealth creators on our island who consider their corporate social responsibility and make an “investment” into creativity and the everyday welfare of individuals in our community who are socially or economically excluded.  This can be incredibly rewarding on a program like this through group participation in artistic programs and I urge you to help with your time and funds to keep shining a light into the dark corners where help is needed.”

Heritage Group Ltd, Hiscox Insurance Company (Guernsey) Limited, NatWest, Barclays Wealth, IEB Trading Ltd and Bank Sarasin have already pledged support to the ongoing Community Arts Programme, but to really make it work we are still seeking funding for many projects – for more information on supporting the programme or how you can get involved please contact Brett or Teresa on [email protected] or [email protected]

Photo by Sarah George.

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