Chloe – First Week impression

I decided to do voluntary work because I hadn’t got a job and wanted to do something beneficial for myself and others. I have never done any proper voluntary work before and had been told by many others that it’s great to do and to have on your CV.

I didn’t know who to work for other than various charity shops, but I wanted to do something other than retail and that allowed me to do many different jobs, instead of one main job. So I was advised to go onto as all the charity based organisations in Guernsey are on there. I’m personally a very creative person and aspire to do an arts based career, so I thought the best thing to do is to find work within a charity that is as close to my future goals as possible, and the Guernsey Arts commission, after reading lots lots about them, seemed the best place to start.

I have now been with them for my first week, three and a half days to be exact, and well, I have really, very much enjoyed myself. I have done a bit of office work, (scanning, shredding, typing up meeting notes and no doubt a bit of filing to come!)- which is a good thing! I Have been sent out on errands for various things, giving leaflets out to local shops to promote upcoming summer events and peeling vinyl letters off walls and glass screens.

For the last half year I have been looking for a job that allowed me to work in all the big and small areas I have skills in, but could not think or find one at all. I didn’t even know what that job would be called, if there was such a position.
However, favour seems to be on my side at the moment as not long after I applied to volunteer I discovered I was going to be able to utilize my many skills by working in lots of different work environments.

I’m now excited for what this year has in store and hope that I can continue working with the Guernsey Arts Commission team throughout the summer.
Thank you for letting me join your friendly, and very welcoming team.





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