Invite to ‘Be Active‘ Conference and Training Day

On behalf of Guernsey’s Education, Sport and Culture Department, we share information regarding  an upcoming ‘Be Active’ conference, which is part the departments strategy to initiate a more active and healthy lifestyle for the island.

Guernsey Arts Commission sees this as an opportunity to involve the arts through mediums such as dance, theatre and music.

You may be interested to join the breakfast session between 8.00am and 9.45am. See below for more information:

Invitation to a ‘Be Active ‘ Conference and Training Day to be held at  the Garenne Stand and the Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre Thursday 7th July.

Breakfast Presentation  – 8.00am – 9.45am (breakfast from 7.30am) at the Grammar School

Training Day and Conference 10.00am – 2.30pm at the Garenne Stand


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Over the next few weeks colleagues from across the public sector and private/ voluntary organisations will be announcing a number of initiatives and activities that are  responses to the prominent role that increasing  physical activity levels and leading active lives play in the recently  launched Children and Young People’s Plan and Healthy Weight Strategy. Both policies have set challenging and exciting targets that will impact significantly on the lives of Guernsey young people.

The CYPP, for example, commits to the following Healthy and Active outcome:

We want children and young people to have the highest possible standards of physical and emotional health and to lead active lives that promote their long-term health.

Earlier this week we announced the formation of the ‘Be Active’ Forum which is a community-wide initiative to work together to support young people in being more active. Details of the Forum are below as well as an invitation to a ‘Be Active’ Conference and Training Day

Formation of the Be Active Forum

It is widely accepted that there is no single response to the challenge of making young people healthy and active. The whole community, including  families, schools, health professionals, schools, sport and youth organisations, has a role to play and it is widely acknowledged that we can respond most effectively to these challenges by working together to create opportunities for young people to cease being sedentary and to be more active.

However those organisations that support young people recognise that they need to work together in a coherent, coordinated fashion and therefore it is proposed that a Being Active Forum is established. This Forum will meet three to four times per year and will have involvement from bodies that work with young people. These will include: education establishments and services, health professionals, colleagues from Youth, Sports and Arts Commissions, traffic and highway services, Drug and Alcohol strategy, recreation services, sport organisations and the voluntary sector. The focus of the Forum will be:

  • To oversee an annual work plan which draws together new and existing initiatives that are undertaken to support young people in Guernsey.
  • To monitor progress of the Be Active key indicators.
  • To share good practice and ensure communication regarding the opportunities available to young people in Guernsey

The ‘Be Active’ Conference and Training Day – Thursday 7th July

On Thursday 7th July we will be holding a breakfast seminar and a training day and conference which will:

  • Articulate the aims of  the CYPP/ Healthy Weight Strategy
  • Launch the  Be Active Forum and invite colleagues from across the community to get involved
  • Consider how each individual/ organisation can make a contribution

We are inviting colleagues from across the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Attendance is free and you are welcome to attend the Breakfast Presentation and/or the Training Day. Enclosed are details of the day

If you would like to attend please contact Alun Williams, Lifelong Learning Manager  at [email protected] or tel: 07911 728059

by Monday 4th July 2016.

Please indicate if you wish to attend:

  • The Breakfast Presentation only
  • Breakfast Presentation and Training Day
  • Training Day only


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