Award Winning Dramas receive their premiere!

The Cast of Sharp Edge in the studio


We’re delighted to announce the premiere broadcast of Sharp Edge by Nick Le Messurier and The Calls by Jason Monaghan will take place next week on BBC Guernsey, BBC Jersey and BBC South West.

The plays are the result of a joint initiative between the Guernsey Arts Commission, the Jersey Arts Trust and the BBC, who hosted a workshop in radio drama several months ago, and then challenged participants to write a 12 minute radio drama using up to three characters.  The results were fantastic, and following much deliberation, four winners were selected, two from each island. 

Sharp Edge is the first play Nick Le Messurier, who is head of English at Les Beaucamps High School, has written and he is delighted with the result:

“It’s been a long processthis is now draft five of the play.  It was still developing up until the moment we recorded, which was really exciting.  The actors all brought ideas to the table as well which help bring it to life too.”

Nick’s play, featuring local actors Brian Corbet, Peter Simpson and Andy Hislop, follows three friends as they climb Blencathra in the Lake District.  Without giving too much away, it is safe to say that their expedition doesn’t go to plan for all involved…

Jason Monaghan, who is the author of several novels, will also make his radio drama debut next week with The Calls, the story of Carol who receives an unexpected phone call from a young woman in trouble…  Tash Cotran, who plays Sophie alongside Stephanie Andrijasevic playing Carol and Jamie Reid playing Operator,  really enjoyed the experience of recording:

“I haven’t done anything like this before, so it was a really great opportunity.  It’s so different from theatre or tv acting.  You have to really focus on your voice as it is the only way you can communicate your character with the audience.”

The plays will be broadcast at 1110 each day, beginning Tuesday 23rd March, on BBC Guernsey (93.2FM or 99FM in Alderney).  Alternatively you can listen online and click on listen again.

Huge thanks go to Jim Cathcart and David Earl at BBC Guernsey who produced the plays, and to Laura Simpson who directed them for the GAC.

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