Award for Community Arts volunteer Emma

On Tuesday 1st November Emma Weldon, one of the volunteers working on Re-State, our Community Arts Programme at Les Genats Estate, was awarded the The Jan Renouf Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to the community, sponsored by The Guernsey Press, at the Guernsey Youth Awards.

Emma has been working on the project since the summer and shared her thoughts on winning the award with us:

“I feel very honoured to have won the award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community. I haven’t been working with the GAC for long, but I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s opened my eyes even more to a different side of the community, and I’ve been given so many training opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and I can’t thank the GAC enough for.

“However, it’s not just me that works in Re-State – there is a whole team of amazing people who give up their free time.

“Every single person I work with is positive, and I love seeing them every week. I have the best ‘boss’ I could ever wish for (Brett Klement, Community Arts Development Manager), who makes the whole team feel great about everything we’re doing, and every single person deserves an award – especially Brett.

“Along with the GAC, I’m also the fiddle player for the Morris Dancers, and I volunteer for the Sark Folk Festival, which is a lot of fun too – the committee are lovely people who I’ve grown very fond of!

“Working with Re-State also helps me a lot. I had a lot of issues in my adolescent years, and I’ve been able to learn a lot while working with the children. I’m lucky enough to have two beautiful daughters, and everything I do, and every child I work with, also helps my parental perspective. As a musician rather than a visual artist, it is also teaching me a lot about art which is great fun! Music has started coming into Re-state gradually now – and things can only get better!

“I would like to thank Brett and everyone at the Guernsey Arts Commission for not only nominating me, but for making me feel so positive, and giving me a lot of opportunities. Also, the endless list of amazing babysitters that I have, without whom, I wouldn’t be able to do all this to broaden my horizon, and better the future for myself and my girls.”

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