Grant application assessment

Funding Sub-Committee

Your application will be assessed by the Funding Sub-Committee, otherwise known as the Arts Grants Committee, usually ten days after the grant application deadline.

The members of the Funding Sub-Committee include:

  • Alan West, Chairman
  • Adam Stephens,  Head of Art at Elizabeth College
  • Trish Grover, publicist and singer
  • Russ Fossey, Head of Arts Development for Guernsey Arts Commission
  • Rebecca Booth, Business Woman and arts’ supporter
  • Jon Bisson, Director of St James
  • Melissa Mourton, Business Woman and arts’ supporter

Assessment criteria

Your application will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The quality and content of the project or activity proposed.
  • The anticipated quality of experience by the audience and/or participants.
  • The inclusivity of the project or activity in terms of reaching people that might not otherwise have access to arts opportunities.
  • Project management: Is there a clear, robust proposal and action plan?
  • Marketing and publicity plans
  • Professional and volunteer staff balance
  • Is there robust financial management and a realistic budget?  What other forms of income are anticipated?
  • What does this project mean for the organisation or individual applying?
  • What are the outcomes for the organisation or individual?
  • Are the necessary policies in place regarding Child Protection, Risk Assessment and Health and Safety?
  • How far does the project or activity align to GAC priorities in terms of developing relationships with the wider island community and encouraging visitors to the island.

If you need further advice on how to write a proposal which addresses the criteria above, please contact 01481 709747 or email [email protected]