Artsmobile will bring the Arts to You!

The latest edition to the Guernsey Arts Commission team is a not a person: in fact it’s a large pink and white BUS, affectionately labeled the Artsmobile!

The Artsmobile has one purpose and that’s getting the arts out into the community as much as possible. It is fully equipped to house workshops and deliver projects and will be coming to a place near you very soon.

The use of the Artsmobile will be co-ordinated by the GAC’s Community Arts Development Officer, Laura Simpson, who is delighted with the new addition. As she explains, ‘The Artsmobile is going to be a great way of taking the arts out of their traditional venues and into the community all over the island – if there’s a road (that isn’t too small!) We’ll be able to get there!’

The Artsmobile has been made possible through the very generous sponsorship of Norman Piette; Clive Fenner the Managing Director of Norman Piette thinks this will be a great addition to the flourishing Commission. ‘Norman Piette is delighted to have had the opportunity to support the Guernsey Arts Commission in its purchase of an ‘Artsmobile’. It is so important to get people involved in the arts out in the community and the Artsmobile is a great way of doing that. Not only that but the vehicle looks great in its colour scheme and will promote the arts where ever it goes on the island. I congratulate the Commission on this initiative.’

It will be hard to miss the Artsmobile which has been branded by the creative team at Specsavers, who continue to work alongside the Guernsey Arts Commission in delivering creative projects which help promote the Arts Commission. Craig Le Lerre, Head of Artwork and Design at Specsavers and his team came up with the design to ensure ‘maximum presence and connection to the Guernsey Arts Commission brand. The best way to do this was to use the strong pink colour from the GAC logo to strengthen brand recognition. Russell, one of our designers, found that taking the shape of the ‘a’ and multiplying it to create a large version out of itself, meant it could appear very large on the van. And as the Commission is all about the development of art we felt this was a more creative way to use the logo.’

The Artsmobile is another demonstration of how the Guernsey Arts Commission is committed to developing arts in the community and ensuring they make their programs accessible to as many people as possible.


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