Arts Sunday

Guernsey Arts Commission’s Arts Sunday just celebrated its third birthday and what a birthday party it was.

There were 70 stall holders selling and displaying everything from jam to jewellery, books to buns, and paintings to pottery; over 10,000 people wandered through in the course of the day and put a few words on a fridge or chalked a picture with their children on the pier; over 200 performers on five performance stages delighted audiences with jazz and indie; drumming and pianos; there were soloists and bands; a bus shelter and cars being transformed by graffito artistry; faces painted; puppeteers, salsa dancers, highland flings, and a whole load of people doing zumba dancing, too!

A dedicated team of volunteers and staff from the Guernsey Arts Commission (GAC), under the superb leadership of Russ Fossey and Mary Carey, both GAC Commissioners, and supported by Charlie Atkinson, GAC Arts Assistant, made the day happen. Another reminder of just how important our volunteer teams are to the creation and operation of events such as Arts Sunday.

We have had two thirds of the participants respond to our evaluation questionnaire and, apart from comments about the cooler weather, the overarching sense we have is that Arts Sunday is viewed as a great success.

Some of the comments we’ve had from our audience and participants include:

“Great turn out, despite the weather”

“Good opportunity for artists, craftspersons, and hand workers to show their work”

“An entertaining day out – performances were great fun”

Guernsey Art Commission had a social media and blogging frenzy on the day, with participants and volunteers uploading pictures and comments on the day’s events. Our Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube accounts were awash with messages and images across the day. We are still uploading images now and dealing with requests from the public who seek permission to upload their images to our sites.

This recorded legacy is a vital part of such events helping to remind both participants and audiences of the importance of the arts to the cultural and social life of Guernsey Arts Sunday is yet another fantastic example of how the GAC and its amazing volunteer pool can produce events which appeal, have the highest quality, and attract large audiences.

We urge Guernsey artists, craftspersons, musicians, dancers, and performers to get involved and showcase their work. We also urge Guernsey residents to continue their support of such events and encourage them to take part, either as participants or performers, or as audience members.

You can see our fantastic video of the day here:

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