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Trevor Wakefield, Chair of the Guernsey Arts Commission said:

“The Guernsey Arts Commission was extremely grateful when approached by the Guernsey Community Foundation in November, 2017, with a view to creating an Arts Strategy for the island. It goes without saying that the Commission believes passionately in the power of the arts and understands the need to create a strategy that values the arts, not just the social and community value, but also the economic value.

The Commission has been honoured to work with the other members of the Arts Strategy Working Group and fully supports the recommendations and the six strategic aims laid out in the report.

The Commission now looks forward to the next, extremely important, stage of developing those aims into objectives and creating an implementation plan which the Committee for Education Sports and Culture will feel able to endorse and support.

In order to achieve this plan there will be a need for detailed consultation with all sectors of our community. The Commission sees this consultation as critical to the success of the plan and will ensure that all sectors of the arts are able to express their views.”

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