Arts Grants 2014

What a year for our Funding Sub-Committee! A total of £97,717 was given to the public for arts activities this year… Did you know that events like Sark Folk Festival, Vale Earth Fair, Alderney Performing Arts Festival, the Town Carnival and concerts in Candie Gardens are supported by GAC funding?

Over the years, the GAC has donated £551,540.99 to public activities from across the arts spectrum; from theatre to poetry, music to photography, dance to visual arts, and festivals to film. We think that’s a pretty impressive achievement on our part and yours! But we want to do better…

That’s why funding from the GAC is changing. From 2014 we will be referring to our funding program as the ‘Arts Grants’ scheme. Arts Grants will have a prominent place on our new website and will provide information that is clearer and more concise. Information and infographics will be helpful in establishing clarity in a more visual way than ever before.

We hope to make each step as clear as possible, so that everyone can find Arts Grants approachable. There will be an online eligibility check which will help applicants to identify whether or not they are able to apply for funding without having to fill in any long or complicated forms. Links to information on past applicants, as well as case studies of successful activities will inspire and motivate; while videos and downloadable information will make the process interactive.


We can’t wait to launch the new Arts Grants page in 2014, and we hope you keep checking to apply! If you would like to apply now, head to our funding page.


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