Arts’ Event Audit

Guernsey Arts Commission – Arts’ Event Audit

The Guernsey Arts Commission has began gathering together a record of what arts’ events have happened from 1st January 2014 – 31st July 2014.

Our aim, through this Arts’ Event Audit, is to see what the Bailiwick hosted during this period so we can compile as wide an overview, as possible, of on-islands’ delivery.  All events included are arts events and had the option for the general public to attend.

We believe this will be useful to both assist in programming for the future and to inform the way that the GAC can promote the wider arts’ offering through social media and our What’s On calendar.

If you have an event you want included, don’t forget to tell us!

You can tell us about your event by completing this survey here or by e-mailing Simone at [email protected]

Here’s a summary of what we have gathered so far:

January 2014 – July 2014


  • Music
  • Film
  • Visual Arts
  • Festival
  • Carnival
  • Performing Arts
  • Lecture/Workshop

Total events recorded: 152




Music – This category covers all genres of music, including classical, folk, brass etc.

Film – This includes any specialised film showings e.g. CinéGuernsey.

Visual Arts – This includes public art, exhibitions, photography etc. Exhibitions are entered once, on a monthly basis, for each month that the exhibition is open to the public. Private Views have been entered as an additional event in themselves.

Festivals  – These are entered according to the number days included in the festival, rather than each event at the festival, e.g. Guernsey Literary Festival 15-18th May 2014 – this would be entered 4 times in total under May. This also applies to an arts’ event which is a ‘Series’, such as Saturday Concerts in Market Square. The Festivals category covers various forms of the arts’ e.g. Music, Poetry and Prose, Photography etc. depending on the festival title.

Carnival – This includes events such as GAC’s Lantern Parade, and Town Centre Partnership’s Town Carnival.

Performing Arts – This includes all forms of performing arts e.g. theatre, dance, comedy (Not part of a festival) etc.

Lectures / Workshops – This includes any lectures e.g. GAC’s Art in Context, Lantern Parade workshops etc. Any series of lectures are entered according to the number of lectures that took place, e.g. Art in Context, a series of 5 lectures, would be added 5 times. If a lecture/workshop was part of a festival or event, but for example took place outside of the advertised festival dates, this will be added in addition.

Please remember this a first attempt at gathering the events, and if you have any events you’d like to contribute, or indeed any useful comments you think would help this audit, do please let us know.


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