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Artist’s Road Trip: Day 4


Today myself the ladies in pink tees head off again to Styx to make the finishing touches to the mural, with a quick stop on the way in the big pink art bus to take a look at the beautiful little chapel. I was astonished at how tiny it is! A dinky little place covered in beautiful broken pieces of ceramics, shells and stones. An amazing piece of Guernsey history to see – I took ALOT of photos!! Very inspiring… it certainly made me want to get my mosaic tiles out.

Anyhoo…on arriving at sticks we were raring to go with our paintbrushes and paint pots at the ready! We finished it all, with a few small finishing touches to be done on Thursday: the addition of a surfer, the Styx goldfish and the GAC logo. Here’s some pics of the (nearly) finished piece…



Side View - Finished!





Sneaky snail...



Artists' at work: Alex a young leader from STYX giving us a helping hand!



The team then went over in the art bus to run an open access art workshop over at Les Genats. We had a lovely relaxing session with lots of children and young people being creative together! We sat in the sunshine making fortune tellers, drawing and making a giant sea scene collage on the side of the van. ..well done to the talented Les Genats posse! Myself and Maya who were special artists guests for the evening were made to feel very welcome and had a great time, thank you! Here’s some pics of what the children and artists made…

Sea scene collage on the GAC arts bus!

Fishy collage!

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