AMALGAM – Meet the Artists: Kaya Ozard

From 19th December 2016 Guernsey Arts Commission will be hosting a new exhibition called AMALGAM, by a duo of emerging talented, local artists: Kaya Ozard and Pierre Ehmann.

AMALGAM – Meet Kaya Ozard

I’m interested in the idea of the copy along with the replica.  I consider my practice to be somewhat archival, I also tend to treat items as artifacts.

Amalgam - Kaya Ozard

I’m intrigued by everyday objects that are frequently disposed of therefore I tend to look for and often find these ‘things’ when walking through the street.Eventually, my aim is to transform them so that their ‘lifetime’ is extended, whilst also being preserved. However, for me to accomplish this, the function or purpose of the object must be removed thus giving it the potential to become an artwork. Naturally, the outcome will always vary but nonetheless be specific to the nature of the particular object.

I try to combine and experiment with various different materials for each individual piece. These include plaster, concrete, paint, fabric, wood, metal etc.

Personally, I feel that it was important for Pierre and myself to collaborate for the exhibition Amalgam as we have worked together successfully on previous projects including a small exhibition.  We are currently at the same stage in our degrees and although we obviously have our own individual pieces, we have noticed both similarities and differences, whilst focusing mainly on the object and its function. 

Kaya’s Facebook & Instagram.

Read more about Pierre Ehmann here.


Amalgam - new exhibition at the greenhouse gallery

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