AMALGAM – Meet the Artists: Pierre Ehmann

From 19th December 2016 Guernsey Arts Commission will be hosting a new exhibition called AMALGAM, by a duo of emerging talented, local artists: Kaya Ozard and Pierre Ehmann.

AMALGAM – Meet Pierre Ehmann

I take inspiration from everyday materials, objects and environments, the objects I collect in a way dictate the outcome of the ‘things’ I make. I have a trust for making, and to do this I try to limit myself to found or recycled materials as a way of keeping the process of my work temperamental and laborious.

Amalgam - Pierre Ehman

My practice is based upon the resources of everyday waste, I am drawn to the discarded and primarily use what I find to create functional purposeful outcomes. The chair is something that plays a significant role in my work, as a piece of furniture everyone can relate to this creates a sense of familiarity in its ascetic nature, underlying however it has been formed of materials deemed ‘waste’.

Amalgam seemed quite fitting as a theme and title for the show, the definition referring to a ‘mixture’ gives continuity to the eclectic range of work in the exhibition. The work we are showing, collaborative and individual all inherit a sense of familiarity. The production techniques we have used has created reproductions in a spontaneous way that gives each piece individuality.

The intensions of my work in this exhibition is to create a sense of humour and relationship to familiarly objects. I take myself towards this sense of humour in my work as an interplay on the practical intensions of repurposing as a means of creating. The relevance of humour in my work stems as an outlet to another side of my personality. The mergence of these objects keeps true to my intension of interplay and interaction keeping an element of social relevance in the character of my practice.

Pierre’s websiteFacebook  & Instagram.

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Amalgam - new exhibition at the greenhouse gallery

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