Adam’s Literary Festival Blog – 8: Competition Announcement

All that remains is to announce the winner of our 100 character writing competition. Thanks to everyone who entered, we received some fantastic entries, though all in the under 13s category. Older writers need to pull their fingers out. We had tough a tough choice to make from a field of very good entries but finally decided on the following effort by Grace Ephgrave, who is 11.

The moon
Unnoticed in the day
At night
She shines like a gem in the darkness

Well done to her. She can collect her prize from the Press shop in town. There were several other entries of an excellent standard. Here are a few that particularly impressed us:

Golden rings shining like the rocky rings of Saturn
Like a galaxy of stone
Amelia Bridel, 10

The stars are like balls of fire
Lighting up the sky
Day is good
Night is great
Stars are so amazing
Lucy Batiste, 10

The tweeting of the birds
Speaks to me
The summit of the mountain
Speaks to me
And my heart soars
Dylan Teasdale, Year 4

There will be another competition next year. As there’ll be another festival. I for one can’t wait. À la perchoine.

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