Adam’s Literary Festival Blog – 6: A busy Saturday

Yesterday Caroline Bird had a hub-full of spectators hanging on her every word. She performs with consummate assurance and so much energy that not only the hour of her performance but every copy of her book was gone before you could say  ‘What a sensational writer, she is surely destined for recognition on a very large scale.”

Then this afternoon Peter Kenny and Richard Fleming read from their joint collection A Guernsey Double, which comprises Peter’s The Boy Who Fell Upwards and Richard’s The Man Who Landed. They are both excellent writers and it was a real treat to hear them perform together, as each complemented the other’s style. Their reflections on Guernsey rang true with me. Peter’s reactions to the island’s spookiness and Richard’s ruminations on Guernsey as a sanctuary were captivating.

I could get used to spending my days watching poets perform and writers read. However, life must return to normal at some point. After tomorrow, hubs will come down, banners will be re-furled and wonderful guests will leave the island. There’s no sense in wallowing though, for there remains more than 24 hours of wordy celebration. Let’s see what we still have in store.

Tomorrow (Sunday) morning I’m heading down to the Bus Terminus to jump aboard the Poetry Bus. That begins at 9:30am and is sure to be a lovely journey of the imaginative as well as the touring kind no doubt.

Going on that magical lyrical tour will unfortunately prevent me from attending Tim Binding’s presentation of his Sylvie and The Songman. He may be best known locally for his novel Island Madness but he’ll be reading and performing for a younger audience tomorrow. The event begins in The Hub at 10am Sunday.

Around midday you could attend the Potato Peel Pie Talk at St James. It will take place between 11:30am and 12:45pm. Then the Poetry Cafe, which will rock the upstairs at Costa Coffee in the Arcade, starting from 1:30pm.

Dan Purdue, whose fiction has appeared on Spread the Word and the Guardian newspaper’s website, will give a Flash Fiction Workshop in Guilles-Alles Library from 2:00pm Sunday.

Tomorrow evening the festival is honoured to welcome renowned author Kevin Crossley-Holland to St James where the children’s author and poet will discuss his work and give some readings. The show will begin at 3:30pm.

Finally, come to the Cambridge Steps to embark on a journey of Tales of the Sea, which will set sail at 6pm.

There’s so much happening that I’m going to rush off to join in the fun now. I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know my plan of action for life without the festival and hopefully to give you some interesting pointers for other great literary blogs. Until tomorrow!

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