Adam’s Literary Festival blog – 4: Books of Lies and Books of Bees

The festival is under way and events are taking place as I type. This post may seem a bit rushed as I’m trying not to miss too much of the festivities. I started the day with literature and will end it in the same way. I went to The Barclays Wealth Hub this morning to see how storytelling can still captivate children who are more used to Mario Kart and Dora the Explorer (my cultural references may be a bit dated). Four different yarn spinners coped just fine without props as the inflatable dome of The Hub came alive with tales of a Guernsey long gone.

I’ll head back to The Hub in a little while to see poetry recitals and book readings. Then this evening I’m going to Victor Hugo’s House to learn more about the great man. A murder mystery is scheduled to take place at Priaulx Library tonight (book tamperers finally getting their comeuppance no doubt) and I am very tempted to check it out. I’ll be all literary-ed out by the end of the day and will need a good night’s sleep before resuming my trek down the word trail tomorrow.

Peter Kenny Publication

Having given my excuses for rushing today I have to say that I only have one excuse for missing this out yesterday: I’m feckless and forgetful. Peter’s book Defenders of Guernsey, which features Skelton Yawngrave, will be handed out to children who attend his workshop at The Hub on Friday. Having read part of it I can say that it has a charming style that will really speak to children.

Mary Horlock

Mary’s debut work The Book of Lies has won national acclaim and is shaping up to take place alongside Tim Binding’s Island Madness as one of the preeminent books on Guernsey’s occupation years. Her accomplished recreation of a child’s voice for one of her protagonists has won particular praise. Another much-lauded element of her work is the lack of black-and-white simplicity applied to moral issues in the narrative. According to a review in The Independent, which can be found here “two key questions echo through the book: what constitutes collaboration and what defines loyalty?” The fact that Horlock mulls over these questions with a tone of ambiguity and an innovative writing style makes her book a very interesting prospect indeed.

Mary will be at The Hub to read from and discuss The Book of Lies at 12:15pm don Friday

Sara-Jane and Marcus Moore

The duo will host a writing workshop at Castle Cornet tomorrow evening. They’re well known on the English poetry slam circuit and have put on creative writing seminars at the Ceridwen Centre. They work together as Spiel Unlimited but have made impressive achievements separately. Sara-Jane has been made Herefordshire’s first Writer in Residence  and directed the Cheltenham Festival’s voices off programme. Meanwhile Marcus has written scripts for the BBC’s Call My Bluff and had a poetry collection published by Macmillan.

Spiel Unlimited will host their workshop ‘Word Wizards’ at Castle Cornet at 7pm Friday evening.

Bill Turnbull

Bill Turnbull: champion runner; master of bees; envy of men. If I have the pleasure of meeting the man mountain during his stay in Guernsey, I will surely shake his hand with vigour.

It says a lot for Bill’s eye-catching good looks that he daily distracts breakfast news viewers from the loveliness of Sian Williams. Bill is a joy to behold as he holds authority on a couch that seats celebrities listed A through Z. On top of his onscreen achievements, Bill has competed in and probably won many marathons (unfortunately blog budget does not stretch to sports research – Ed.). He’s at the festival to promote his book on the keeping of bees. We welcome him with a Guernsey cry of (criminally neglected) Patois: Voul-ous enne coupaïe d’thee, Bill?

Mr Turnbull will be recounting his bee marshalling experiences at Castle Cornet at 5:30pm on Friday.

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