Guernsey Arts Commission

Arts Development Team

The Arts Development Team are the full time staff who deal with the day to day operation of the GAC.

Russ Fossey

Head of Arts Development
01481 709707
[email protected]

Monika Drabot

Office and Communication Administrator
01481 709747
[email protected]

Jade Kershaw

Community Arts Development Co-Ordinator
01481 709747
[email protected]

Tony Walkington

Accounts Administrator
01481 709746
[email protected]

Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees oversees the charitable organisation; however on a more hands on level it is the Board of Commissioners who lead the Commission.

Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is headed by the Chair of the GAC who presides over monthly meetings attended by the Commissioners and it is at these meetings that everyone is kept abreast of the work of the GAC and decisions are made on its future development.

Supporting the Board is the Arts Development Team (ADT) and the volunteers sitting on the Sub-Committees (SCs).


The final crucial part of the GAC’s structure are the Sub-Committees. Made up of 20+ volunteers, these SCs focus on fundraising and funding as well as various art forms including music, performing arts and public art. These are essential to the various events that the GAC supports and delivers.