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What is the Guernsey Arts Commission?

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This means that the Arts Commission is a charity with a Board of Trustees, a Board of Commissioners and a team of paid staff as well as volunteers. Our aim is to help promote, develop and support the arts in Guernsey.

History of the GAC

The GAC was launched in 2008 with the intention of providing a strong, identifiable voice in the community, raising public awareness and promoting the value, relevance and importance of the arts. The GAC maintains these objectives through exhibitions held at the greenhouse, GAC’s project and exhibition space, a community arts programme, public events and an arts grants scheme for individuals, non-profit arts organisations and local groups who use the arts in their work often for the benefit of the local community. The GAC encourages submissions for events or projects from across the arts spectrum, from festivals to community workshops.[/one_half_last]

Aims of the GAC

Guernsey Arts Commission’s aim is to help the arts in Guernsey to grow and develop and to involve more people in the arts. The GAC wants to assist the arts community to succeed and to pursue excellence and for the arts to be valued as a vital part of island life. Guernsey Arts Commission’s key priorities are:

  • Accessibility – To increase accessibility by engaging a wider audience, broadening opportunities and increasing involvement.
  • Audience Engagement – To increase audience engagement and participation by increasing understanding of the arts, providing a wider context and enhancing learning opportunities.
  • Art in Public Places – To encourage art in public places by providing a framework to deliver public art projects, reclaiming public spaces as venues for arts activity and putting in place a programme of initiatives in the public realm.
  • Research – To undertake research in order to understand and promote the value of the arts including the GAC’s arts programme.