GAC funding sub-committee

The GAC funding sub-committee meet up 6 times a year (spread over the year) to discuss all applications received and then distribute funds to the successful applicants.

Laura Anderson is a member of the GAC funding sub-committee says: “I was invited to sit on the Funding Committee by Joanna Littlejohns some four years ago. She knew of my background working in the arts in London both for the Royal Academy of Dancing and then with my Art Consultancy where I worked with artists installing site specific artwork in public spaces, hospital and offices around the UK, to add to the mix I am an equity actress and singer so I guess I ticked a few boxes in terms of diversity!” she continues “Sitting on the Committee has been a fascinating insight into the wide variety of art projects that take place on this small island from large ambitious orchestral events through to one man arts projects.  It is a real privilege to feel I am in a small way helping to provide these diverse talents a platform and a vehicle to get their work out there to the community.”

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