Arts in Health Programme

Arts in Health Programme, delivered by GAC, has been featured in the article “Painting and Poetry” within the latest issue of “The Changing Times Magazine, Updates From Across The States of Guernsey”.

Arts in Health Programme

Our Arts in Health Programme was designed by real people with real people in mind and heart. We really care and are working hard to make the corridors and rooms of Princess Elizabeth Hospital brighter and happier places to be in. The individually tailored art workshops, coordinated and delivered by our art guardian angels Lottie Barnes, Hugh Rose and Ben Bailey-Davies, make a massive difference to patients’ frames of mind. Hearing feedback like this one below  melts our hearts and encourages us to keep up our efforts:
“It really took my mind off my treatment, it was really lovely to do and we had lots of fun doing it. I can’t believe how my paintings were used.” – words of Grada, an oncology patient, whose beautiful poem and painting became a part of the art display within the Le Vauquiedor House, PEH. 
Grada standing next to her artwork at the PEH
You can read the full article on page 44 of The Changing Times Magazine.
You can find out more about the Arts in Health Programme delivered by GAC in What we do/Art in The Community tab.

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