30 Makes in 30 Days

Les Bourgs Hospice have organised a fundraising event called 30 Makes in 30 Days.

This event has been designed for those of you who may be arty or crafty in any way, including photography, metal work, wood work, painting, sewing, knitting, crochet, lace making, card making …….  the list just keeps going on, there is no restriction on the type of art form just that it is created by you!

You can enter individually or as a group where each person can make one item to create 30 items from the group in 30 days – if these could go together, for example knitted squares, to make an item to sell that would be fabulous.    You can get together with fellow creative people for a Crafternoon tea or a knit and natter and make this a real social event.

This event will run from Sunday 1st March until Saturday 30th March 2015.

The event can be:

  • One item each day for 30 days
  • One item created over 30 days
  • 30 items created by a group to create one item over 30 days

Here’s a link to pinterest which will give you some ideas:  http://pinterest.com/sarahjaynelaine/30-makes-in-30-days/

Sula Framing and Gallery is offering 30 mounts for £10 during February. These will be available from the gallery at L’Islet between 10am-5:30pm Mon-Sat. In addition to this the hospice will choose a selection of your favourite artwork and photography to frame. The only stipulation is that these are available on a first come first served basis and will be the size and colour they have available, not made to measure. These will be yours to keep if the pieces are not sold in the exhibition. You may choose to sell your work on a commission basis, or donate the whole piece.

To launch the event Les Bourgs Hospice will have a launch ‘party’ with cakes at Rex Stationers in Ruettes Braye on 28th February from 10am until 5pm where you will be free to look at the craft items they have available to use and take away for use at this event, there will also be a group of crafters from Handmade for The Hospice available to help with ideas and to develop plans you may have if you need some help.

All they ask for is a small fee of £5.00 to register, then that you consider donating your craft item at the end of the event for them to sell at the Pop Up shop in April or at any other event where they can raise money for Les Bourgs Hospice over the year.  You can register online here.

More information and contact details here

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