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24.04.15 – 14.06.15   Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore: A Life Defiant

Photographic images taken by Claude Cahun, the French artist who brought surrealism to the islands and through letters, photographs and actions resisted the German Occupation while she was living in Jersey. This is a companion exhibition to a larger show at the Jersey Museum and coincides with the 70th Liberation Day and Museum Nights.


03.07.15 – 31.08.15   Collections


11.09.15 – 22.11.15   Annual Student Show: ? of the Best

An annual art exhibition which draws on the best students from the island’s Final Year Shows. This exhibition will be guest curated and is supported again by NatWest.


04.12.15 – 31.12.15   Christmas Show: Deck the Halls…

A festive exhibition celebrating, in a creative way, artists’ takes on a well-known Christmas icon.


Public Art: Part 3 – 30.01.15 – 12.04.15

To coincide with the States of Guernsey’s Island Development Plan, the Guernsey Arts Commission has decided to host the third part of their ongoing Public Art series of exhibitions. What do we want, expect and need from our public spaces? What will make us linger in a particular art of the public realm? Public Art: Part 3 will look at what strides have been made over the last few years on-island and show some spectacular solutions to creating captivating public spaces.




Transforming: Seven of the Best – 12.09.14 – 31.12.14

A showcase of some of the best art, design, media and photography from the 2014 end-of-year shows at the College of Further Education, Elizabeth College, the Grammar School and Ladies College.

Seven of the most talented students were selected by Caroline Corfe, General Manager at Guernsey Arts Commission.


COLLECTIONS: PRIVATE – 01.07.14 – 31.08.14

Introducing a series of exhibitions called COLLECTIONS.  The concept behind this run of shows is to look at different types of collecting, what is their inspiration and how they have come about.  We launched this sequence with COLLECTIONS: PRIVATE and feature work from Picasso, Hirst, Twombly, Robilliard and Beauys.


Paul Staples: A Proper Job? – 18.04.14 – 22.06.14

A look over a career that has included designing sets for high profile theatre and operatic productions, public events, Las Vegas revues and some of the most iconic rock bands of the last four decades including the opening ceremony of the Bejing Olympics.

On show will be a number of Paul’s models and Maquettes that have been turned up-scaled for use by the likes of Elton John and many others.

Isaac Lythgoe: Foyer Gras 14.02.14 – 06.04.14

Foyer Gras is an exhibition of four new paintings made specifically for the greenhouse’s new space at Candie Museum. Guernseyman Isaac is set to graduate from the Royal College of Art’s MA painting programme in 2014.

This will be the first show in the greenhouse at the new greenhouse at Candie Museum.