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Projects supported by Guernsey Arts Commission

Funding History

Since 2008 the Arts Grants programme has funded more than 215 projects/activities in and around the Bailiwick. More than £551,540 has been committed to projects of all kinds.

Without this support, many of the Bailiwick’s best known and valued cultural events such as The Town Carnival, Arts Sunday, The Sark Folk Festival and The Alderney Performing Arts Festival may have never happened.

Below you can see exactly where funds have been allocated between 2010 and 2013. For 2008 and 2009 please see Related Documents to the right.





Projects supported in 2014

The Alderney Performing Arts Festival £4,000

Creative Industries – Learn, Create, Produce – £3,000

Alderney Literary Trust – £2,000

Charlie Buchanan – Oshono the Owl Boy – £1,925

Guernsey Camerata – £1,500

Sarah Hansmann – The History of Guernsey in 60 minutes – £1,500

James Harrison – Documentary film – Ady’s Epic 7 – £1,500

Nick Mann – Album recording – The Stories of a Ramblin’ Man – £527.91

Stalk the Lantern (Band) – £1,000

Studio Alderney – Alderney Sunstone Play – £1,500

Arts Sunday: £10,000  underwrite for Guernsey’s annual arts showcase

B Creative: £1,120 grant towards Can Dance group

Blair Taylor: £150 for travel grants to play in the National Children’s Orchestra in England

Dark Sky Island: £2,010 grant for film by Tim Bowditch about Alderney’s night sky

Film maker, Jack De La Mere: £1,000 grant for a film entitled ‘Family Portrait’

Guernsey Camerata: £1,500 music grant for two concerts in 2014

Guernsey Literary Festival: £4,500 underwrite for the island’s annual literary festival

Guernsey Photography Festival: £15,000 grant towards the 2014 festival exhibitions and artist in residence.

Guernsey Sinfonietta: £2,988 grant and underwrite for a concert in 2014

Guernsey Symphony Orchestra: £1,808 underwrite for their 2014 concert

Hartebeest: £1,000 music grant to support their recording of more tracks

Lib Dance: £2,000 grant for two dance events at Liberation Day and another in the summer

Of Empire: £1,000 music grant to support production of new CD

Sark Folk Festival: £5,000 grant sponsored by Norman Piette

Styx Music: £1,500 music grant for low cost music lessons and monthly band nights for young people under 18

Case Studies

Sark Folk Festival

Five years on from its conception, the Sark Folk Festival has become a world-class event that is truly unique. It offers local artists the opportunity to play alongside the cream of the folk world and now sells out its 1,800 tickets in a matter of hours.

“From day one, the GAC has been such a fantastic supporter… with belief in our vision right from the start… their enthusiasm and advice helped to keep us motivated as we have developed the festival… to become such a successful community event.”
Simon Harvey, The Sark Folk Festival Organiser

Jack De La Mare

Local student, Jack De La Mare, is a talented filmmaker who has used funding from the Guernsey Arts Commission to create several films.

Since GAC’s financial support, Jack has worked for the GAC throughout August 2013, making a documentary about GAC’s first ever Dance Month.

He is now training to be a filmmaker at university in the UK.

Arts Sunday

Over 9,000 residents and visitors enjoyed the second Arts Sunday on 9 June 2013, based along the seafront at St Peter Port. This was nearly double the attendance in 2012.

“Without doubt, the success of this event is down to the festival organisers. I also believe this festival demonstrates clearly, how well-placed support and funding from the GAC can give early encouragement, motivation and a sense of financial safety to organisers like Simon, giving them the confidence to bring their ideas to reality and enhancing the artistic culture of the Bailiwick.”
Mary Carey, Commissioner, Guernsey Arts Commission

Alderney Performing Arts Festival

Alderney’s 2012 Performing Arts Festival attracted both performers and festival-goers from the Channel Islands, France and the UK. The entertainment included music, dance and circus acts, involving 200 musicians and artists in a variety of venues.

Alderney Performing Arts Festival

“I felt the Guernsey Arts Commission were akin to an Elder Brethren. I felt I could always phone up for advice and if the person I called could not provide the answer to my question then they always knew someone who I could ask who had the relevant knowledge. Members of the GAC came to the festival which enabled them to see the result of their support. It made us feel that Alderney was part of a bigger Channel Island Artistic community – not isolated, and that was a very good feeling.”
Caroline Kay-Mouat, Director of Alderney’s Performing Arts Festival